Exploring by creating.

Magazine collage of my bathroom.
Collage depictions of chores, artwork
Mural of San Gabriel Valley Natural landscape.
Alley mural, artwork
Pencil outline drawing of dishes in a dishrack
Pencil drawings of dishracks, artwork
Pencil sketch of San Gabriel Mountains in the background and stop signs in the foreground
Drawings and sketches, artwork
Center for Thoughtful Exchange, a book
Zine of interviews with Metro users, art publication
2014 Gentrification of Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA.
Zine on gentrification in Highland Park, art publication
ink and brush drawing of the words zoom with glasses as the double o's and a freaked out emoji face for the o in out.
Zine on an awkward and problematic encounter in an online art class
Painted mural on wall.
Mural in private garden, artwork