Exploring by creating.

Boats tied to a dock with one beached due to a diminshing tide; sunset colors glimmer on the water.
Pastel drawing on paper
Pencil on paper sketch of layers of riders from the foreground to the background.
Pencil sketch on paper
Pastel drawing of a trail leading into bush and brush.
Pastel drawing on paper.
A portrait of a senior transit rider, elderly lady in purple outfit
Watercolor on paper
ink and brush drawing of the words zoom with glasses as the double o's and a freaked out emoji face for the o in out.
36-page zine
A nearly dry river, encased in concrete.
Pastel drawing on paper
Pandemic-era, masked rider on Metro Rail
Acrylic on canvas
A couple lying on the grass at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. Pencil on paper.
Pencil drawing on paper
Eaton Canyon dry riverbed overtaken by plants.
Pastel drawing on paper
A bunch of riders sitting in a full Metro train.
Acrylic painting on canvas
Backyard of a single-family house; very green with grass with trees and vegetable garden.
Acrylic painting on canvas
Painted mural on wall.
Mural painting on slatted wall.
Pastel drawing of a dry riverbed, rocks and plants.
Pastel drawing on paper.
Cups, knife and cutting board on a kitchen counter.
Acrylic painting on canvas
Study of a Bonnard drawing, translated into painting.
Acrylic painting on canvas
Center for Thoughtful Exchange, a book
16-page zine
Magazine collage of my bathroom.
Magazine and book cutouts glued onto paper
Mural of San Gabriel Valley Natural landscape.
Mural painting on slatted wall
Pencil outline drawing of dishes in a dishrack
Pencil drawings on paper
Color pastel of a skiff floating adjacent to a dock.
Pastel drawing on paper
2014 Gentrification of Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA.
8-panel accordion-fold zine